What’s it like to be smuggled from Afghanistan to Australia? That’s the question that drives the beginning of this episode, as Barat Ali Batoor, tries to escape from serious death threats after he exposed sexual abuse in his home country of Afghanistan. His narrow escape was the beginning of a harrowing tale of loss, panic, jail escapes, near-death experiences, and fighting for his life simply because nobody wanted to let him in. This episode also looks at whether or not President Trump’s proposed border wall will do much to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the United States and explains why current policies end up creating incentives for smugglers to kill endangered animals and transport them across the globe. Finally, we answer a few other pressing questions, such as: What’s the best way to smuggle your pet turtle onto an airplane? And why is it a bad idea to smuggle a crocodile onto an airplane in a duffle bag? Don’t miss it.